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Philodendron 'Whipple Way' Sport

The Philodendron 'Whipple Way' Sport is a striking plant that we are very excited to offer. We have been cultivating this plant for years and this is the first time we are offering established plants for sale. We acquired the mother plant from a private collector and spent a great deal of time selectively propagating it to stabilize its incredible variegation. The trademark yellow-white patches of variegation are filled with green specks. The emergent leaves are bright pink which remains on the undersides of the leaves as they harden off.

Unlike the traditional Whipple Way, our sport maintains patches of deep green. We've found that the presence of the green makes a great deal of difference in an otherwise temperamental sport. While the standard Whipple Way is very slow growing and difficult to propagate, our sport is incredibly hardy and fast growing.

Plant 1 is a fantastic specimen. It shows a great balance of variegation while occasionally producing a fully variegated leaf. It is among the best examples of this sport that we have ever produced. Plant 2 has a fair amount of variegation present on every leaf. Plant 3 shows far less variegation but is a great option for someone willing to put in the time to propagate the plant for better coloring. 

Status: Established plant
Pot Size: 4"
Medium: Sphagnum Moss
Exact Plant: You will receive the exact plant you select
Rare Plant Guarantee

Plants are living things and their health is dependent on their conditions. Issues like root health, disease, and pests can spring up quickly from improper care. We take excellent care of our plants and hold them to the highest standard but it is impossible to guarantee the health of a plant once you've taken it home. Despite that, it is a terrible feeling to discover your new plant isn't in the best shape. To assure that you are happy with your purchase we provide a limited guarantee for the first 5 days after pickup on all of our rare plants.

This guarantee covers root rot, disease, and pests. It does not cover leaf loss, cosmetic damage, and other issues not paramount to the plants health.

To maintain this guarantee we ask that for the first five days you do not;
- Repot the plant
- Remove the plant from its growing medium
- Handle the roots
- Trim it
- Apply any pesticides, fungicides, or other treatments

If you suspect any issues with your purchase, please do not do any of the above. Contact us through our email,, or our Instagram, @SafaPlantCo and we will walk you through the next steps. Once we diagnose the issue, we will either treat the plant for you or offer a replacement/store credit. We do not offer cash refunds for any of our rare plants.

Growers Choice

If you select the Grower's Choice option you will receive a plant that generally resembles the pictured plant. You will not receive the exact plant pictured. We are sometimes able to honor requests relating to plant size, color, or maturity but cannot guarantee it.

Exact Plant

Many of our plants have the option to select the exact plant you would like to purchase. These are denoted by a number. Each option is pictured and can be viewed by clicking the number on the product page. Please note that the plant may have grown or lost leaves since the photo was taken and may not match it exactly as a result.

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